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      Tide is possibly the best place to start with Blake's solo albums, but some people who discovered him through his early electronic work with Gong and on Crystal Machine have found it difficult to accept the full range of his styles, and in particular his songwriting. Like all artists who do more than one thing and have many dimensions to their work, Blake can be too wide in scope for some of his audience.

Caldea Music II was a return to form for those fans who were less keen on the songwriting. It's an all-instrumental electronic album, but in true Blake form it doesn't repeat what he's done before. It consists of carefully structured pieces, all of them perfectly put together with no extraneous or gratuitous elements, but full of life and energy so they never become static. The result of a commission from a health complex in Andorra, Caldea Music II is a brilliant album for people who like good, skilled, well-composed electronic music.

Caldea Music I, incidentally, was an earlier commission from another musician, and has no connection with Tim Blake.


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