Making Electronic Music: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I make a rhythm track?

A: Press the `On' button on your drum machine, or click `Rhythm' in a program such as Lysergic or Garagecrash.

Q: What do I do when the rhythm gets boring?

A: Insert a repeating tttttttt or ddddddddd.

Q: What next?

A: Go back to the original boring rhythm.  If it gets too much, leave it switched on and go and make a coffee or have a nap, or phone for a pizza.

Q: How do I make a melody?

A: Find a melody you like on someone else's album, and sample it.  If you want to really have street cred, use an album of some old geezer playing Northumbrian Pipes or something.

Q: How do I make an ambient track?

A: Set up some interacting electronic sounds and leave them to brew for twenty minutes, thirty, forty, an hour, or however long your album is.  Then add some bird noises, bits of conversation, or the sound of a glacier melting.

Q: Won't the electronic noises glitch a bit?

A: Of course.  But remember it's ambient.  If it sounds really irritating you can always go shopping while it's recording.

Q: How can I sound like Royscough, er Robscroup, er Roskerpoof... erm, never mind, can you tell me how to sound like Scrillex?

A: Yes, I could.

Q: Well, are you going to?

A: No, one of them's more than enough.